Everything You Need to Know About Buying Dog Grooming Clippers

You go for a haircut every month or so, right? So, why do you think your dog is any different? In fact, while you get these haircuts in order to look more presentable, your dog needs grooming not just to look great, but to feel more comfortable. This is especially true if your dog has a thick and heavy coat. The poor thing may have to spend an entire summer in an uncomfortably thick coat. To make sure that doesn’t happen, you need to give your dog a trim every now and then.

Now whether you are an owner or a professional dog groomer, trimming a dog’s coat requires the right set of tools in the form of quality dog grooming clippers. These days there are thousands of options available to choose from, each one designed for different kinds of dog hairs, be it - curly, straight, matted, or thick. So, when so many options are available, how are you supposed to pick the perfect clipper for your furry best friend? Indeed, it’s a little confusing. But with this guide, you’ll be able to find answers to all your clipper woes including -

  • Which clipper is best for my dog’s coat type?
  • Do all clippers work on dogs of all sizes?
  • How much do I need to spend to get a premium quality dog clipper?
  • Cordless or with the cord?
  • How to avoid buying a clipper that jams up or overheats?
  • Should I pay a professional groomer, instead?

Sometimes, you end up buying a clipper that vibrates so loudly that ‘running far away from you’ becomes your dog’s natural response as soon as he realizes you are trying to give him a trim. Uh oh! Now you need a bag full of his favorite treats just to make him come back! Relax, here’s how to go about it. Below, we’ve mentioned all the important pointers you need to keep in mind while buying a perfect clipper for your dog.

Why Can’t I Use My Own Hair Trimmer on My Dog?

That might be the first question that pops up in your mind. Well, it’s because there’s a lot of difference between your hair and your dog’s hair! Using your own hair trimmer to trim your dog’s coat is a big no-no since not only it would be a pretty time-consuming process, but also, it’s quite dangerous. Your dog has a lot more hair per square inch than you have and these hair are much thicker as well. Dog grooming clippers come with finer blades that rotate at higher speeds as compared to your own trimmers which are meant for humans. Also, these clippers have quieter motors so that the dog won’t get scared while getting a trim. Because of all these reasons, dog clippers are usually quite expensive as compared to human hair trimmers.

Should I Go For Cordless or Corded Dog Grooming Clippers?

Wired Dog Grooming Clippers - These kinds of clippers are generally more preferable since they work well on larger dogs with thicker hair. A majority of the professional groomers work with wired clippers since their job requires them to use clippers all day long.

Cordless Dog Grooming Clippers - Cordless clippers, on the other hand, are battery-powered and they work well on smaller dogs with finer hair. So, they are ideal if you have a small-sized dog at home. Although, these days, many brands have come up with superior quality cordless clippers with lithium batteries that generate a lot of power, allowing you to work for extended periods of time, effortlessly. But advanced cordless clippers are usually pretty expensive. If the price is not an issue for you, buying such a dog grooming clipper is definitely a great idea.

Are Timmers Same as Clippers?

We often use these two terms interchangeably, but in reality, they are not the same. While clippers cover a larger area, trimmers are used to trim a narrower area where more precision and detailed work is required. Trimmers are usually used to trim the hair present on the dog’s face or to give a specific shape around the legs area.  Clippers are usually corded while trimmers are cordless most of the time.

Quality of the Blades

There is a misconception that when it comes to clipper’s quality, speed (rotations per minute) is the only criteria. But that’s just not true. A good quality dog grooming clipper is the one that has good quality blades, which means you have to look out for the hardness of the steel and smoothness of the transitions. A quality blade maintains its sharpness and at the same time, consistently gives an even cut. Speed and torque also matter to a great extent since getting cleaner cuts depends on the ability of the motor to maintain its torque even under heavy usage. Shop for quality dog clipper blades here.

Heat Generation Problem in Dog Grooming Clippers

Good quality clippers generate little to no heat since they are built in such a way that the heat is dispersed in a stabilized manner. They stay cool even if you’ve used them continuously for long periods of time. High-end models use the latest technologies like brushless motors in order to achieve that. It’s always advisable to opt for such a clipper model instead of a cheaper one since they can harm your dog’s skin due to overheating.

The Durability of the Product

It’s always recommended to opt for a quality dog grooming clipper, one which might be a little more expensive than most of the cheaper models available in the market. This is so because a good quality clipper lasts longer and thus, offers a better overall product value and consumer experience. But you also need to remember that the longevity of your product also depends on factors like - how you store it (in what kind of casing), quality of the motor it has, what kind of batteries are being used (in the cordless ones) and how often and efficiently you clean the clipper.

Clipping at Home or Going to a Professional Dog Groomer?

Well, you bought a high-end dog clipper but still, your dog doesn’t look all that groomed as you expected. Could you relate to this? If yes, it’s because just like your own haircuts, trimming dog’s hair requires a certain set of artistic mastery. Only a professional would be able to give you that kind of results (unless you strive to become an expert yourself by putting in all the hard work, time, and energy).

So, this is a choice you have to make - if you are giving your dog a trim just so that he feels comfortable and happy, go ahead and give him a trim at home. But if you also want your dog to look absolutely stunning, going to a professional dog groomer should be your pick.