Groom your dog like a pro!

Save money! Learn what tools dog grooming professionals use and how to use them.

Best Dog Clippers

Dog Grooming Clippers

How to choose the right set of dog grooming tools including quality dog clippers from thousands of options available in the market.

Best Dog Nail Clipper

Dog Nail Clippers

Do you know there are four different kinds of dog nail clippers you can buy? Find which one to pick for your dog.

Best Dog Brush

Dog Brushes

Everything you possibly need to know about the various different kinds of dog grooming brushes and how to choose one.


Hi! I'm Patricia, I'm a passionate dog groomer and I've been in the business for the last 25 years now. And this is my story! I'd like to share with you how I became a professional dog groomer, what kind of struggles and triumphs I've seen during all this time, and how I keep myself inspired enough to do my absolute best every single time.

Grooming your dog is important

Most people think dog grooming is only about enhancing your dog's appearance. So, why bother, right? But that's so not true! It is also about making sure that your dog is in perfect health. When you spend time with your dog, cutting his nails or giving him a bath, you get an opportunity to properly check the condition of his eyes, ears, teeth, nails, and coat.

And yes, it makes your dog look presentable as well which is important if you want people to interact or play with him when they visit you. Dog grooming also cuts down the amount of time you spend cleaning your house. Regular brushing means less hair on your bed, couch, carpet, and curtains.